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  2. 526 - Minipro

    Minipro represents a miniature version of your ixa1 profile, which will be displayed on the chat box! Coming soon!
  3. 525 - Kveggie

    (kveggie) (kbroccoli) (kcarrot) (keggplant) (kleek) (kmushroom) (konion) (kpepper) (kpotato) (ktomato) (kturnip) kveggie1 => p1veggie1 kveggie2 => p1veggie2 kveggie3 => p1veggie3 kveggie4 => p1veggie4
  4. 524 - Silentban

    Silentban allows tempowners and above to silently ban a user in the chat.
  5. 523 - Nightmare

    (nightmare) (niclown) (nifall) (nimonster) (nisheep) (nisnake) (scarybed) (scarybed2) (sightdoor) (sleepyeye) nisnake => p1nisnake sleepyeye => p1sleepyeye
  6. 522 - Cstyle

    Lets a chat owner fully customize the chat box to their own liking! Please report any bugs with this power here.
  7. 521 - Smileyglow

    Add a custom colored glow effect to any smiley!
  8. 520 - Bground

    Set a personal custom chat background. Report any bugs with this power here.
  9. 510 - Cuticorn

    (cuticorn) (ccalarmed) (ccdaze) (ccflame) (ccgiggle) (cchide) (cclaughing) (ccnope) (ccrainbow) (ccrainbowtop) (ccsleep) (ccsmile) cuticorn1 => p1cuticorn1 cuticorn2 => p1cuticorn2 cuticorn3 => p1cuticorn3 cuticorn4 => p1cuticorn4
  10. 518 - Sline

    Sline allows you to use your own custom smiley line on any chat. This power is similar to Gline, except that it only applies to your own smiley line. This means that other users cannot see your smiley line.
  11. 517 - Kloud

    (kloud )(klblush) (klburst) (kldontsee) (kloud9) (klrain) (klsleep) (klsneeze) (klstorm) (klupset) (klwindy) kloud1 => p1kloud1 kloud2 => p1kloud2 kloud3 => p1kloud3 kloud4 => p1kloud4

    This already exists, with the Pawnflag power Kyle
  13. 515 Fiesta

    very good @Hayls
  14. 516 Dnd

    Show a do not disturb sign on your pawn, and not receive private chats or private messages from anyone, including your friends.
  15. 515 Fiesta

    (fiesta) (chilidance) (fiestadance) (fifood) (fihouse) (fiskull) (fisun) (pinata) (toreador) chilidance => p1chilidance pinata => p1pinata
  16. 514 - Minimon

    (minimon) (mmalert) (mmback) (mmchubby) (mmdark) (mmdead) (mmhappy) (mmsad) (mmsick) (mmsing) (mmsleep) (mmjump) (mmtiny) minimon => p1minimon minimon2 => p1minimon2
  17. 513 - Broadcaster

    (broadcaster) (broadcasting) (bunnyphones) (catphones) (cd2) (headset2) (mic) (onair) (speaker) (speaker2) (speaker3) headset => p1headset mic => p1mic speaker2 => p1speaker2
  18. 512 Ghostmon

    (ghostmon) (gmback1) (gmback2) (gmblowkiss) (gmcheer) (gmeyes) (gmheadphones) (gmlollipop) (gmloving) (gmpossess) (gmrain) (gmshades) (gmtiny) (gmwave) gm1 => p1gm1 gm2 => p1gm2
  19. 510 Splashfx

    (splashfx) (sbomb) (sbubble) (sdrop) (sfall) (swave) (swhirl) sdrop => p1sdrop sbubble => p1sbubble
  20. 509 Fishbowl

    (fishbowl) (fbback) (fbcloud) (fbdead) (fbdull) (fbeat) (fbhuge) (fbshades) (fbteeth) (fbthink) (fbworry) (fbzoom) fb1 => p1fb1 fb2 => p1fb2
  21. 508 Drawn

    (drawn) (drangry) (drback) (drcry) (drgag) (drgrumpy) (drhappy) (drheart) (drsad) (drsleepy) (drsmile) (drswear) (drvamp) (drworry) (dryeah) (drcb) drawn1 => p1drawn
  22. 507 Transfers

    Transfers allows you to view a log of your transfer history.
  23. I think we should have a new power. Called USA Pawn. It has like a USA animated Flag Of the US Country. Who agrees? And also we can have other country flags To
  24. How was my account hacked though if i wasnt even online or anything? >:(

  25. account was hacked on IXA1 im getting it back

  26. 505 Rapidreason

    i realy glad to hear
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