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General Forum Guidelines

  1. Do not post content that is off topic (has nothing to do with ixa1).
  2. Do not post content that is inappropriate or offensive. You will be warned about this before having your forum account banned.
  3. Bullying, harassing, threatening and racist remarks will not be tolerated whatsoever on this forum and will get your forum account banned!
  4. Using this forum to advertise or discuss other websites, forums or blogs and their content is not permitted. However, links to websites such as YouTube, Imgur, or other similar websites are allowed as long as the purpose of the post is to show off some sort of creative content.
  5. Using this forum to discuss exploits or other illegal hacks is not permitted and will get your forum account banned!
  6. Requesting free products such as coins, days or powers is not permitted.
  7. Disputing the actions of a forum moderator should be taken to private message with the appropriate moderator or an administrator.
  8. Disputes about specific chats or users on ixa1.tk are not particularly allowed to be discussed on the forum. However, asking for advice on how to deal with these types of issues is allowed and should be taken to the General Discussion forum.
  9. You should not post any personal information, whether it's your own or someone else's. By personal information, we mean full names, email addresses, financial information, home addresses or private social media pages.
  10. Posting more than twice in a row on the same topic is acceptable only if the purpose is to update the topic with relevant information. If you do this simply to annoy people or to post useless information, you will be warned before having your forum account temporarily banned if it continues.
  11. Asking other members of the forum for reputation points is not permitted.
  12. All your posts and replies on topics should be thoughtful, otherwise, they may be flagged as spam.
  13. When using images or other works from other websites or authors, make sure that you don't present and represent the work as if you created it.

Suggestions Guidelines

  1. Please do not post any suggestions that have already been posted by other users in the last 3 months.
  2. Please make sure all your replies to suggestions are thoughtful. This would be appreciated by the OP and can get you reputation points.
  3. Please do not use images from search engines such as Google and present such ideas as your own. If you feel that designs made by other people on the internet are a good representation of your idea, then please make it clear that the work you're presenting isn't your own, and offer ideas on how we can modify the idea to make it our own.