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Account Security

Account security is a new security feature which when enabled, will only allow access to your account from your home location. This means that nobody else can login to your account if they're not connected to your home network.

  • If you want to access your account from a different location, you must disable Account Security first, otherwise, you will not be able to login at that location.
  • You must also disable Account Security if you plan on changing your ISP (Internet Service Provider), otherwise, you could lock yourself out of your account completely.
  • In the case of forgetting to disable this feature prior to an ISP change, you may open a ticket under 'Lost Account Access'. Note you may have to register a new account to open a ticket.

When this feature is enabled, you also get the tickle power which will only work when you have days. If you disable this feature, the tickle power will be automatically removed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: it is NOT recommended to use this feature if you have a dynamic IP address! In most cases, this can result in being unable to login again when your IP Address has changed, and you could be locked out of your account completely.

Never disable Account Security if someone asks you to! no matter who they are.

You are still responsible for the security and proper use of your account. You shouldn't fully rely on account security.