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Other than promoting, you can advertise your chat on ixa1 with a 728x90 banner!

Create a banner image, upload it to an image uploader such as, and go to the promotion page:

Copy and paste your banner image link into the 'Ad image' box. Example: Click 'Get Cost' to see how much your advertisement will cost, then click 'Advertise'

Note: Costs may vary

Ads should start running within 5-10 seconds after clicking the Advertise button.

Rules for banner ads

  • Banners must be suitable for viewing by all ages. No swimwear or other types of revealing clothing.
  • Banners must not sell coins or days due to scamming.
  • Banners must be for an ixa1 chat, not another website.
  • Banners must not include any items or services that are for sale. This includes but is not limited to coins, days or powers.
  • Banners must not contain external domains or links.
  • Banners must be in PNG or JPG format.