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An Alternate Account is a second user account on that can be purchased and kept as a back up account for opening a ticket if anything should happen to your original account.

If you would like to purchase an alternate account, you can either open a ticket under the Alternate Accounts topic, or let us know on the chat if we're online; you can find us at any of the following chats, Test, Trade, or Cobrasoundz.

Alternate accounts cost 2500 coins (may change at any time) and only one can be purchased per user.

You will be required to pay the 2500 coins before your alternate account is set-up, so make sure you have enough!

You will be asked to provide us with a Username and Password for your alternate account. The email address will be the same as the one associated with your original account. This is so we can identify you when you open a ticket in regards to your original account.

Your alternate account will then be set-up and you will be given the login details for it. It's extremely important that you save your login details as they can't be recovered if lost! Write them down on a piece of paper and put it away in a place that you will remember, and save them as a notepad document on your computer.

Alternate accounts are not ordinary user accounts, so therefore they come with a few restrictions, and your use of them is limited.


You are unable to:

  • Trade or transfer, or receive any transfers


You are unable to use the following pages:

This is because alternate accounts don't come with any coins or days.

However, you are still entitled to:

Alternate accounts are not to be used to troll, to impersonate, to scam, to advertise or anything else that is considered a violation of the ixa1 Terms of Service. If you are caught doing any of these things while on an alternate account, the account will be deleted without a refund of coins. It can also have more serious consequences on your original account.