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chatflix.png (CHATFLIX) - Chat Flix LIMITED

The Chatflix power allows you to add animated effects to your chat box.

The more powers you have assigned, the more flixes you unlock.

  • 1 power = Fire effect
  • 2 powers = Flower twist effect
  • 4 powers = Abstract effect
  • 8 powers = Snowfall effect
  • 16 powers = Bubbles effect
  • 32 powers = Fireworks effect

This power also comes with 6 backgrounds that can be used.

Flix previews

Fire effect
Flower twist effect
Abstract effect
Snowfall effect
Bubbles effect
Fireworks effect

Flix settings

Effect: Choose a flix animation from the list that you would like to use. You can choose from: Fire effect, Flower twist effect, Abstract effect, Snowfall effect, Bubbles effect and Fireworks effect.

Background: Choose a background from the list that you would like to use with your flix animation. You can choose from: None(you can use your own background image if you select this option), Fire, Stars, Abstract, Snowman, Bubbles and Fireworks.