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events.png (EVENTS) - Recent log of actions  

IMPORTANT: The events power is experimental and the way it works could change in the future.

Here are some more details about how it works.

Events is a power that allows you to see a log of recent actions like kicking and banning on groups you moderate on.

Note: You have to wait 10 minutes for your events to be updated.

Event settings

You will only be able to read the xat chat events page if you have a (events) power.

How can I see the events of my group?

Click Events at the bottom right of your chat.

How to demote a moderator?

Go to Events page and then click on the "moderator" ID (the text will appear with a blue color).


  • With Eventstats power you are able to see summaries about your activity or other users (e.g your staff) on chat group. You are able to choose what activity you want to see e.g Ban or all of them e.g Ban, Kick, Mute, Set Scroll, Make member etc.
  • You do not need events power to use eventstats or vice versa. Both powers are independent of each other.

Eventstats Results

(example 1) Pie Chart
(example 2) Histograms
  • Pie Chart: A pie chart is a circular chart divided into sectors, illustrating numerical proportion. e.g 25% 50% 25% of 100% (see example 1).
  • Histograms: histogram is a graphical representation of the distribution of data. Here you are able to see when your actions e.g ban/mute/kick/gag/set scroll etc or others were made (see example 2).

Eventstats Time

(example 3) Chat event statistics.
  • You are able to increase the amount of time up to 14 days (see example 1).

Events search

  • Entering a blank query and hitting the search button will show the recent events of the chat for regular events, and will show the total of the entire chat's statistics for the amount of time chosen for eventstats.
  • You can search for actions options and other events, see the modules search:
  • name1:fred - Will search for who was the maker of the event (via fred username).
  • name1:ack* - Will search the maker name starting with "ack".
  • name1:(Mihay OR Cupim) - Will search for who was the maker of the event (via xatusername, between Mihay and Cupim).
  • id1:42 - Will search for who was the maker of the event (via xat id).
  • text:spam - Will search for reasons, set scrollers, etc.
  • -name2:Annoying - Exclude events of user with registered name "Annoying".
  • (name1:fred AND name2:joe - text:rapid) - Advanced example showing events with reasons containing "rapid" in them from both registered names "fred" and "joe".
  • time:[a TO b] - Will search for events between two timestamps where a is the beginning and b is the end.

e.g time:[1424540003 TO 1424799250] - will search from Sat, 21 Feb 2015 17:33:23 GMT to Tue, 24 Feb 2015 17:34:10 GMT.

To generate timestamps, use