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hat.png (HAT) - Add a hat to your pawn!  

Hat power offers the ability to place special items on your pawn.


  • Choose a hat from the table below and add its code in your name. Example: (hat#r) This will place rabbit ears on your pawn.

Note: all hat codes are case sensitive.

  • You can also change the color of your hat. Just add a color hex code after the hat code. Example: (hat#r#ffffff) This will make the rabbit ears white. You can find hex codes here

Note: Santa Hat and Uncle Sam Hat can't be colored.

List of hats

  • The hats listed below do not require powers besides hat to work.
Requires: Name/Code: Pawn:
Hat Football Helmet (hat#f) wXd8jHF.png
Hat Baseball Cap (hat#t) pfZdgTJ.png
Hat Tophat (hat#p) TmpQcFG.png
Hat Beer Mug (hat#b) uRXlHl5.png
Hat Rabbit Ears (hat#r) TCCs1h7.png
Hat Witch Hat (hat#w) fC7C8K8.png
Hat Gift Hat (hat#g) APtwuB0.png
Hat Egg (hat#e) KUIiJjF.png
Hat Santa Hat (hat#x) EB4xYTy.png
Hat Uncle Sam Hat (hat#u) qvcgCrF.png
Hat Party Hat (hat#u) RJt64jq.png

Note: Gift Hat can only be used if you have received at least one gift.

  • The hats listed below require specific powers besides hat to work.
Requires: Name/Code: Pawn:
Single Broken Heart (hat#z) tbHFFMV.png
Allpowers Golden Egg (hat#e) 7cJLU3J.png
Classic Classic (hat#hc) zjbIVO3.png

Note: Broken Heart cannot be used if you are married or have a bff.

Special Pawns

Hat power also allows you to use special pawns that come with other powers.

Note: these are only available when you have the powers that they require.

You can find the hat codes for the special pawns here

Special Pawns cannot be colored.