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ID Trade is a new trading feature which allows you to trade your ID for another users ID on the chat.

Note: you must be on ixa1's official trade chat in order for this feature to work.

How does ID Trade work?

ID Trade works in two phases.

Phase one: both users must be in private chat on the official trade chat

You must both enter the following command in private chat /xtradeid followed by the amount of coins the user is selling their ID for. Example /xtradeid5000, you must have enough coins to do this. You will then both be sent an automated message containing a link which you will need to click in order to confirm your trade. You will be redirected to the ID Trade page.

Phase two: confirm the trade

On the ID Trade page, you should see two tables containing your trade information(if you only see one table, click the Refresh Trade button). You must check that the information is correct e.g that the user entered the right amount of coins for your ID and you entered the right amount of coins for their ID before clicking the confirm button. If the user entered an amount lower or higher than your asking price, you should cancel the trade immediately, or if you feel there was a mistake, you can cancel and start the trade again (you must be on

Note: you must both have the coins you entered during phase one of the trade in order to confirm your trade

Once you have both clicked the confirm button, your IDs will be automatically switched and you will need to relogin. Not doing so will result in being unable to sign in to the chat.

Important! Your coins, days, powers, gifts, xavis, chat ranks, chat group administration, group powers and friends list will remain with you and be transferred to your new ID. Support tickets, reports, group comments, owner feedback messages and events involving your old ID will be cleared.

If you were married or bff to someone, you will both need to divorce and re-marry/bff. You will also still be banned on any chats your old ID was banned on.