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ixa1 is still in beta. This means that there will be frequent interruptions on the server while it's being worked on.

  • These interruptions involve frequent server restarts and temporary connection errors. This must be done to fix bugs, and to add new features and functions for the chat.
  • We always try our best to limit these interruptions by using off-site testing, however, it's not possible to stop them all.

Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated when these interruptions occur.


Website Bug Information and Updates

If you find any chat bugs or page bugs, you must report them to us immediately, either by letting us know on the chat if we're online, or by opening a ticket under the Website Bugs topic. Please also send us a screenshot of the problem if you can so that we can get a better understanding of what's going on. You can now also report any website bugs by opening a thread on the ixa1 Community under the Website Bugs forum.