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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

me.png (ME) - Advanced profile CSS  
(example 1) Enabling advanced mode.

The ME power:

  • enables you to fully customize your ixa1 profile to your own liking!
  • expands CSS space to 10240 bytes.
  • does NOT require days to enable "Advanced mode", nor does it require days to update profile css/content.

To enable the above features, check "Advanced mode", while [ editing] your ixa1 profile (see example 1).

(example 2) xat menu.


Please don't change the - menu in any way (see example 2), doing so will count as breaking the terms and your ixa1 profile could be deleted.

See here for a full list of CSS guidelines.


ixa1 may add advertising

ixa1 may increase the capabilities of the basic page


  • whitelist characters like > and ; to allow more advanced selectors and multiple css declarations under one element.

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