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Unfortunately, due to a delay in the development of our mailing system, users are currently unable to reset their account password through their email. However, we have implemented another way to do this. It is temporary(but secure)and should do until our mailing system is finally up and running.

Upon registering, you will be asked to enter a memorable code(of your choice). This code will allow you to reset your account password at any time and must be one that you will be sure to remember!

For users who registered before this implementation:

If you are logged in, you can update your memorable code by going to your profile(disable advanced mode if on), scroll down to the field marked "Mem-Code" and enter your memorable code, then click update.

If you are logged out, and are receiving an incorrect username/password error, but are absolutely certain that the password you entered is correct, you must let us know straight away. You can find us at any of the following chats; Cobrasoundz or Chat.