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Password Protection

Password Protection is a new security feature which when enabled, you will be given a special code which you will need to enter when you attempt to change your password. You will also need this code if you want to turn password protection off.

  • Be sure to keep your password protection code safe as you will not be able to change your password without it. If you lose your password protection code, you can open a ticket under 'Forgotten Password'
  • Just like account locking, if you disable password protection, and decide to re-enable it at another time you will be given a new password protection code.

It is your responsibility to protect all your passwords. You shouldn't fully rely on password protection.

Password Security Recommendations

Use a Strong password. A strong password is a necessary first step towards ensuring the security of your account. Use at least 6 characters, and a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and a few numbers.

It is highly recommended that you change your password once a month.