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You can now use your coins to bid on power auctions! Power auctions offer you the chance to win one of ixa1's most rare and expensive limited powers at a much cheaper cost!

Visit the Power Auction Page to start bidding now!

  • Currently, only 2 powers are auctioned off. This will change in future.
  • Each auction has a duration of 24 hours. This may change in future.
  • At the end of each auction, the user shown as the top bid wins the power they bid on.

An example of this is shown below.

In this example, Hayls(4) is the current top bidder. Time left shows that there are 20 seconds until the auction for the power Big ends. If ADM or another user doesn't out-bid the top bid by the time the auction ends, then Hayls(4) wins the power Big.

If you win a power, you will need to re-visit the power auction page, then relogin to see any changes.