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Promotion is a feature that helps you get more users on your chat by putting it on the homepage. If your chat is nice, abides by the ixa1 terms of service, and has mature and friendly staff, and is fun, then there is a good chance people will enjoy visiting your chat and may visit again when your chat is not on promotion.

Before promoting and during promotion, you must read and abide by ALL promotion rules.

  • All aspects of the chat must be suitable for age 14 and over
  • The chat must be moderated while it is promoted. If your chat is left unmoderated for more than 5 minutes, it will be removed from promotion.
  • Inappropriate visitors should be banned immediately (not kicked)
  • There must be no inappropriate links and no links to binaries (eg programs)
  • Chats must NOT be based on religious or political views
  • At least one owner must be present and visible until chat promotion ends.
  • The chat must be open to all (not set to members only, live mode etc)
  • Do not ban and kick without reason eg new users (toons or nulls)
  • Do not use /pr unless absolutely necessary. Use /p instead (The chat must be open to all). You could lose promotion for using /pr.


Click here, to promote your chat.

Once you have promoted, your chat will appear on homepage.