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Buy a Short ID

The Short ID system allows you to use your coins to buy a short ID without having to bid for it!

  • IDs range from 5 to 8 digits, and 1 of each are put up for sale every 7 days.
  • Only 1 ID can be bought per account each week.

Once you have bought your new ID, your old ID will be lost and may be put up for sale or auction. Your coins, days, powers, gifts, xavis, chat ranks, chat group administration, group powers and friends list will remain with you and be transferred to your new ID. Support tickets, reports, group comments, owner feedback messages and events involving your old ID will be cleared.

If you were married or bff to someone, you will both need to divorce and re-marry/bff. You will also still be banned on any chats your old ID was banned on.

Buy a Short ID

Current ID Prices

8 Digits: 20000 coins

7 Digits: 45000 coins

6 Digits: 85000 coins

5 Digits: 100000 coins

Prices may change at any time