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size.png (SIZE) - Resize Smilies  
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A demonstrating video

This power allows you to change the size of smilies and will allow you to make the smiley increase/decrease to a custom size with a custom time limit.

The format on using this power is: (smile#size#wABCDE) where ABCDE are numbers 1-9

  • A = Size 1 (modified size)
  • B = Size 2 (size it changes to from size 1)
  • C = Time it takes to reach size 1
  • D = Time it takes to reach size 2
  • E = Blanking time (details on this will be given later, since it appears to be broken right now)

B to E are optional. e.g If you leave out B, C, D and E it will stay at one size max size only. Including B, but not C, D and E will make the smiley increase and decrease in size and use the default time to do so.

Default time setting = 8


As you know, groups have their own rules. If the main owner sets a rule against using size power (For example, setting a maximum size of w7) you may be kicked/banned if you fail to follow it. Do not abuse this power and respect the rules!


If your computer is too slow and/or you are getting lag then please see: Macros.