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The ixa1 Support Ticket System allows you to contact an ixa1 admin directly for support with issues regarding your ixa1 account.

  • The ticket system is open to registered users only. If you are opening a ticket due to lost access, you will need to use an alternate account. See the Alternate Accounts article.

Opening a support ticket:

To open a ticket, visit our Support Page.

  • Only issues regarding your ixa1, botpanel or forum account (with a few exceptions see below) are allowed to be reported in this department. If you open a ticket due to another ixa1 or none-ixa1 related issue, then it will not be answered, and may be deleted.

Exceptions: Chat Block,Website Bugs,Alternate Accounts

Step 1: Select a help topic that's related to your issue from the drop-down menu. Step 2: Enter the subject for your issue, example: Lost access to my account. Your subject must be more than 6 and less than 40 characters. Final step: Using the message field, explain your issue(in as much detail as you can) so that we can best understand the problem and offer you the right support.
To see if a ticket has been answered, go here. Alternatively, you can do this by clicking "Ticket" at the top right corner of the navigation bar on the ixa1 homepage, then "Check status". If the ticket's Status shows as Closed then it means that we have replied to it. To view the reply, click the ticket's ID number under Ticket#.
Here you will find your ticket information, and replies to your ticket. The first box, colored grey displays your original message along with your username, and the date and time your message was sent. The second box, colored blue displays our reply to your message along with our username(s), and the date and time our reply was sent. Messages sent from you will always be shown in a grey colored box, and replies sent from us will always be shown in a blue colored box.

Support Topics

Below is a list of all the available support topics.

Support Topic Description Must be logged in
General Support If you are unsure on which topic is appropriate for your issue, use this topic. Edge8Gf.png
Lost ​Account Access

If you have lost access to your ixa1 account, your botpanel account, or forum account for whatever reason, use this topic.

Report Scams

If you have been scammed by a user, or have witnessed another user being scammed, or if you have seen fake sites with copies of ixa1 login/register page, please report it here.

Forgotten Email

If you have forgotten your email address, or you used a fake email address upon registering and would like to have it changed, please use this topic.

Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password, and would like to have it reset, or if you have lost your password protection code, use this topic.

Transfer Block

If you would like to request to have a transfer block removed from your account, please use this topic. For users who have registered a new account

Chat Block

If your chat has been blocked/delisted and you do not know why, please use this topic.

Website Bugs

If you have found any chat/page bugs, please report them all under this topic.

Alternate Accounts

For users who wish to purchase an Alternate Account.