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ticklesnd.png (TICKLESND) - Tickle Sound  

This power allows you to set a sound to be automatically played to users who click on your name. Tickle power is not required for ticklesnd to function.


Type the following command in main chat /qsnd followed by the name of a sound, example: /qsndgiddylaugh. This sound will be automatically played to users when they click on your name. If you would like to remove a sound, just type /qsnd in main chat.

Currently, ticklesnd only supports sounds that are used on the ixa1 chat. This means that sounds can't be used or uploaded from another website or your computer.

See below for the list of available sounds. There are 44 sounds to choose from.

List of available sounds

1. raspberry

2. alarmbeep

3. ambulance

4. aoogahorn

5. bee

6. birdfly

7. blink

8. blowraspberry

9. boatcreak

10. boing

11. boing2

12. bushorn

13. caralarm

14. catmeow

15. catscream

16. chainsaw

17. clownbugle

18. doggrowl

19. donyahoo

20. doorbell

21. doorcreak3

22. explosion

23. fasttalk

24. foghorn

25. foghorn2

26. giddylaugh

27. goaway

28. harp

29. hellobaby

30. hisexy

31. hurryp

32. iloveyoufemale

33. kiss

34. laughingman2

35. laughingman3

36. ohhh

37. phonebusy

38. rooster

39. sheep

40. slap

41. smallgiggle

42. specialgift

43. spookylaugh

44. yougotcheesypoofs