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Transfer Block

Transfer block is a restriction that is automatically added when you register a new account. It is also added to your account if you exceed the transfer limit. This stops you from transferring any of your coins and days until the transfer block expires.

Why do I have a transfer block?

You will have received a transfer block for 1 of the following reasons.

1. Registering a new account: Because of our free 100000 coins and 100 days offer upon registering, transferring is restricted when you register a new account. This is because there have been users in the past who have created multiple accounts to cheat to get more coins and days. Although this restriction is temporary, you can request to have it removed from your account by opening a ticket under the Transfer Block topic.

2. Exceeding the transfer limit: Currently, the transfer limit is 10000 coins. If you attempt to transfer more than that amount, your account will receive an automatic transfer block which normally lasts from 5-10 days. We do not normally remove a transfer block for this reason, but if you think you can convince us that it was a mistake and won't happen again, you may Open a ticket under the Transfer Block topic.

Transfer block only restricts you from transferring your coins and days. It does not affect your ability to use your coins and days for other things such as buying powers, promoting/advertising your chat etc.

This restriction now also applies to trading.