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Current bids:

ID for saleBid (coins)Top bid fromTime leftPrevious bid
166579100Panel2004 (1736498870)Sold and Collected
100000050001GabrielTest (1736498048)Sold and Collected
198451000ALIENO (1736499362)Sold and Collected 50000

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Auction Rules:

  • You must comply with the terms
  • ixa1 reserves the right to cancel and refund any auction without notice
  • Bids are binding. If you are not outbid by the end of the auction, you will be required to pay.
  • If you are top bidder you must make sure you have the coins to cover the bid.
  • You must have enough coins in order to bid.
  • If you win you will need to re-visit the auction page, then relogin.
  • also check out the wiki before bidding
  • Happy Bidding!

The minimum bid in this auction is: 50k coins

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